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The History of Dama Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Deming Pumps and Water SystemsIt all began when the Dama family moved to the Crivitz area from Chicago in 1903. Joseph and Agnes Dama purchased Levi Hale’s General Store on Main Street, back in 1906; he probably didn’t realize he was starting a family business that would last into the next century. The business has evolved over the years, and four generations later, still at the same location in Crivitz, WI we now have two new locations in Lakewood and Coleman, WI.  Dama Plumbing and Heating, Inc. remains a strong family business that continues to grow. The constant over the century in business is the selling of plumbing and heating supplies. Even before there was indoor plumbing, Joseph Dama sold water pumps and wood stoves. An old sign from the original store still hangs on the wall today, it advertises Deming Pumps and lists Dama’s phone number as “9.”

Ken Dama, Mike Dama’s father, purchased the business from his mom and dad, Art and Polly, in 1964. Ken and his wife, Judy, focused more on “emergency” service and new construction, rather than “demand” service. Mike Dama started working for his parents at the family business in 1984, when he was 14 years old. He continued working there through his years as a student at Crivitz High School, and the while he attended St. Norbert College, where he graduated with a business degree in 1992. After college he worked full time for four years while he learned the plumbing and heating trade from his father. In 1994, Mike was licensed as a Journeyman Plumber, and in 1996 he achieved a Master Plumber certification.

Polly and Ken DamaOn January 1, 1997, Mike and his wife, Kam, purchased the business from his parents, Ken and Judy Dama. Mike and Kam moved into the living quarters behind the store. Ken and Judy, semi-retired, moved to a new home on Lake Noquebay in Crivitz. Ken Dama still comes in daily “to supervise,” but Judy is enjoying her retirement after working in the store for 36 years.

The transition between Mike and his father was good and business continued to grow. When Mike and Kam became owners, there were two employees besides them. In 1997, they purchased bill Borkowski’s Plumbing, Well, and Septic business in Coleman, and they hired Chad Schroeder as a helper. Chad is now a Journeyman Plumber and part of Dama Plumbing and Heating’s three person management team. Wendy Wesoloski  and Mike are the other two business managers. Four additional office personnel were added to facilitate our Lakewood and Coleman showrooms, Customer Service Representative: Val Bevier, Marketing Manager & Service Manager: Courtney Mertens, Install Manager: Derek Voss, and the 5th generation Sophi Dama-Van Straten who is our Inside Sales and Purchasing Agent. 

While the business was growing, the Dama family was growing as well. Mike and Kam have four children, Sophi, Arthur, Maggie, and Grace. All of the children help out in the business in one way or another. Kam is kept extraordinarily busy. In addition to overseeing the accounting for the business and managing the household, she is also Building Administrator at Garfield Elementary School in Marinette. 

The Dama Store

Today, Damas operates with a staff of 23 employees. Mike is particularly proud of the Dama reputation for its service. He is also proud of his staff and believes in providing them with the best opportunities to receive training and certifications. The team at Dama Plumbing and Heating, Inc trains constantly to stay up to date with new technology and to provide high value service to their customers.


In addition to opening an office in Lakewood, Wisconsin in January of 2015, Dama Plumbing and Heating, Inc also purchased Rouse Heating and Cooling in Coleman, Wisconsin in March of 2019. The addition of two new locations provides customer with convenient locations and prompt and reliable 24 hour-365 day emergency service to all of Marinette and Oconto Counties, and a portion of Forest County. Dama Plumbing and Heating, Inc’s major focus is on the servicing and installation of plumbing, heat, air conditioning, septic systems, wells and pumps for both new and existing construction. We service all major brands and boast same day service. The Dama family looks forward to providing another 100 years of quality business to the area!